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In the beginning, we took on the task of transporting onions; through thorough research, the source for onions that offered the very best quality in the entire country turned out to be Nashik. Then, GoldenPeak continued to select the best batch of onions, carefully and buy them with the advance payment—and maintaining special care for hygiene, a critical aspect given the situation with the pandemic—packaged them into a complete consignment and delivered them to the needed place.

This earned GoldenPeak quite the reputation, and ever since, they’d been receiving orders after orders of the same nature. Even in the future, we intend to keep working just like this and only look forward when it comes to delivery service and the quality of our products.

Our aim lies in, increasing and setting a standard for quality delivery of the products, one that has to be matched—and looked up to, to set an example for the aspiring businessmen interested in this specific field of work.

Alongside, we wish to restore the quality and hygiene of the products and the packaging process, and contribute to making a name—and an example in Indian Transportation services.


Golden Peak Exporters is a Fresh Fruits and Vegetable Exporter from India Our company is the leading Exporter of Fresh Vegetables and Fresh Fruits. We significantly bargain in Fresh Fruits such as Kesar Mango, Alphonso Mango (Hapus) fruit, Banganapalle Mango, Totapuri Mango, Chausa Mango, Kashmiri Apple, Banana, Grapes, Pomegranate, and Vegetables such as Onion, Potato, Tomato, green chili, Garlic, ginger, etc.

Golden Peak Exporters is a fresh fruits exporter from India also Import & Export (India),
There are various reasons one could list when making the audience look into the credibility and the work experience of their organization. They make promises — grand ideas, idealistic notions, and whatnot. But since we are, at our base, a grounded organization with a down-to-earth mindset specifically created for the modest — and pragmatic people of our country.

And hence, when answering the question ‘why’ — as in why GoldenPeak? Why them over others? Why GoldenPeak in general?— we resort to realistic, and pragmatic pointers that can be seen throughout our work.
Some of Them Are, As Follows.

● Timely delivery: This remains one of the key and crucial aspects of our service. Punctuality is one of our main focal points when it comes to offering our work to the client and we ensure—with hard work and critical time management—that our deliveries are always well timed and never late.

● Quality: Our key focus when buying products is to find the best possible quality the market has to offer. For this, we are willing to go into the field and research.

● Hygiene: Another of our prime concerns when preparing consignees of the completed packaged and ready-to-transport goods; we pay extra attention to the maintenance of hygiene and sanitary surroundings when doing so and the products are packaged with tested and sanitized packaging.

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